Edoardo Vajenti
Chartered accountant and Statutory Auditor

Management control

Chartered accountant and statutory auditor, specialist consultant in management control and support in the decision-making regarding business management.

He has written books and articles for specialized magazines on subjects regarding business management, business finance and the redaction of a business plan.

Teacher in refresher courses and masters about these subjects for various training institutions and professional associations. NIBI teacher in financial subjects and cost analysis related to the Supply Chain.

He has a multi-annual experience as a counsellor for businesses coming from various areas, both for civil and fiscal aspects, as for those related to the drafting of industrial plans, budget analysis and implementation of the operational software.

He is also relator for professional associations and member of the study commission for the management of his own professional association.

Annamaria Mason
Chartered accountant and Statutory Auditor

Tax consultancy

Chartered accountant and statutory auditor, counsellor in financial, managerial and corporate sphere with a twenty-year experience in the field of commercial businesses and services, teaching these subjects for institutions and associations.

She is member of the Study Commission of Direct Taxes of the Order of Accountants of Vicenza.

She has done tax advice activity at Vicenza’s Confindustria and has written books and articles about business management for the publisher SEAC.


Laura Pacchin
Work counselling

Graduated in law, she had her professional practice at a law firm, she has a master in labour law and she dedicated herself to counselling activities at important professional studios.

She is counsellor in labour law subjects and social security, contract and personnel administration. Expert in managing different types of employments: subordinate, autonomous para subordinate and private.

Party-appointed Technical Consultant in disputes concerning employee’s management and Technical Consultant at Vicenza’s Court.

Francesco Maracino
Tax and social security litigation

Graduated in Law in Perugia, he got a master in tax law in Milan (INFOR – Scuola di Formazione).

He is a tax lawyer with a ten-year experience (he has been one also for a local authority).

He offers assistance when involved with the Tax Authorithy or with Tax litigation, for natural persons and for individual and collective enterprises, regarding direct or indirect taxes,customs and local taxes; he is also concerned in legal affairs connected to business.

He wrote a scientific publication for the paper Ipsoa “Dialoghi tributari” (n. 3/2015), commented by Raffaello Lupi.

He worked with the judge Rocco Galli for the drafting, in his “Corso di diritto amministrativo”, Cedam, 2011, of the update for “Opposizione di terzo nel processo amministrativo”.

Paolo Zaramella
Generational change

Graduated in business administration, counsellor in management with international certificate CMC – Certified Management Consultant.

He is a business counsellor and teacher for PMI in these areas: generational passage and business continuity, business networks and internationalization processes.

He is involved in different European projects about business development, innovation, business collaborations and training systems for holders and employees.

Pierantonio Pierobon
Business organization and production processes

Graduated in management engineering, Master in Business Administration and business network management, he has a multi-annual experience in business management both multinational and small to medium businesses where he had a managerial and strategic role.

He is an Apics instructor for international certificates in Operations and Supply Chain Management, international certificates in S&OP e Change Management. He works at some business schools as a teacher in executive training courses.

He is specialized in managing projects in Operations and Supply Chain, integrated logistics, buying, production planning and management with cross-functional skills for a continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, project management e SCOR method.

He also has a significant experience in the change management and strategic alignment in the management of business processes.

Federica Dal Lago
Staff recruitment

Graduated in Work and Organization Psichology, she has a Master in Evaluation, selection and training of human resources at Padova’s University.

Teacher for the development of transversal skills, for communication and relations, analysis of the professional role, management of group dynamics as for collaborators and clients.

She takes care of recruiting, staff recruitment, outplacement, individual and collective counselling, help in requalification, professional counselling for skill evaluation and analysis, job careers and personal development.

Alessia Cecchetto

Graduated in Educational sciences in Padova, she did various refresher courses related to leading interpersonal relations.

From 2007 she is a teacher and counsellor in the fields of communication and interpersonal relations. She is involved in group dynamics, leadership, development and growth of the professional profile and work oriented motivation in businesses and training institutions.

She does activities of work reintegration for workers through an analysis of competences and self- development for requalification and collocation.

Marco Salgarelli
Contractual counselling

Counselling concerning public procurement for public businesses working in special fields and in public businesses about transparency and anti-corruption legislation.

He got enabled as a lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Venice.

He has been a lawyer at the Court of Vicenza also as head of internal legal offices of public entities.

From 1999 to 2014 he worked with managerial responsibilities in public businesses and has been board member in companies operating in the service sector.

He took part in diplomatic missions, institutional and commercial, for businesses for whom he operated (Cina – Beijing, Hong Kong, Thailandia Bangkok).

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