The A-THEMA STUDIO provides counselling services regarding business continuity and generational change supporting clients though a personalized journey based off the business type, in the trade, craft or industrial field.

– General situation analysis, through interviewing family members and those who play a significant role in the company;

– Drafting of summary reports, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the generational change and business continuity;

– Counselling following the analysis, regarding the intervention, and implementing a mid-term plan about business continuity;

– Connection with other professionals, first of all the accountant, to confront the technical aspects of the business transmission;

– Drafting of self-projects empowering junior roles, while supporting and monitoring;

–  Evaluation of business and managerial potential, regarding junior roles;

– Activation, support and monitoring of family members reunions in order to get junior roles involved;

– Drafting and monitoring of a plan to enhance the business experience of the senior roles

– Drafting and monitoring of a plan featuring the Senior figures in order to promote their long experience even when they’re no longer part of the business.